Fly Casual League

When playing X-Wing, try to be like the honorable Jedi. Remember that anger leads to the dark side.  Fly casual when you play.  The Quad Cities X-Wing Miniatures Club is a "Fly Casual" club, meaning that we play for fun, and welcome new players to join in.  Although the point of every game is to win, winning isn't everything.  Sometimes being absolutely decimated by your opponent can be great fun!  The term "Fly Casual" comes from Return of the Jedi, when Han says to Chewie "I don't know? Fly casual". It means playing for fun, and not getting all bent out of shape if you lose. Well? Unless you're playing a Wookie. "Wookie's have been known to pull people's arms out of their sockets when they lose". Yeah, so, if you're playing a Wookie, I suggest a new strategy. Let the Wookie win, and don't forget to fly casual while you do it.

Keep The Conversation on X-Wing

This is more for our Facebook group which you can join by [CLICKING HERE[.  In the Facebook group, please keep the conversation X-Wing related, and keep them civil.  This isn't the Mos Eisley Cantina.  Anyone who can't fly casual will be removed from the group.  

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Players are expected to behave in a mature and considerate manner, and to play within the rules and not abuse them. This prohibits intentionally stalling a game for time, placing components with excessive force, abusing an infinite combo, inappropriate behavior, treating an opponent with a lack of courtesy or respect, etc. Collusion among players to manipulate scoring is expressly forbidden. 

Margin of Error

Ships are sometimes moved accidentally or placed inexactly during the normal course of the game. A small margin of error is allowed in the position and orientation of ships in these situations so that the pace of the game is not unnecessarily affected. Players should not abuse this margin of error, and they must use the tools included with the game to be as accurate as possible. Using excessive force when placing components to intentionally move other components is expressly forbidden.

Missed Opportunities

Players are expected to play optimally, remembering to perform actions and use card effects when indicated. If a player forgets to use an effect during the timing specified by that effect, he cannot retroactively use it without the consent of his opponent. Players are expected to act with respect and not intentionally distract or rush an opponent with the intent of forcing a missed opportunity.