QC X-Wing League - House Rules

A game week is Sun - Sat.  You may record 1 game per week for league scoring.  Games must be played against fellow league players, and both players must agree in advance to record that game for league scoring.  There will be the ability to record make-up games if needed.  No more than 6 games recorded per player for the duration of the league.

At the start of each game, both players must present a printed or written copy of the list they intend to play before revealing ships, pilots, or upgrade cards.

Scoring will be 5 points for match win, 3 points for modified win, 1 point for draw, and 0 for loss.  If you suffer a loss, there is no need to record it.

If you play in a tournament against a fellow league member, that game cannot be scored.  

We will use tournament initiative rules.  That means if the result of a points tie, you will roll 3 attack die.  Hits count as 1, and crits count as 2.  The highest score gains the choice of who gets initiative.

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